Dynamo Inclusive Swimming Challenge


What’s the DISC?

The DISC (Dynamo Inclusive Swimming Challenge) is DYNAMO CAMP’s new sports event dedicated to swimming enthusiasts and champions of altruism and generosity.
The DISC, which is combined with a fundraising campaign, is open to teams of friends and colleagues as well as individual athletes and families.

Two days of exciting trials, in the sea and in the pool, where athletes of different abilities will swim side by side in support of DYNAMO CAMP (www.dynamocamp.org).

The sports trials are organized with the support of Abbracciamoli Onlus.

To make your subscription to DISC effective, after completing registration, make a donation of € 70 on your personal campaign!


Resort Riva degli Etruschi (LI)


20-22 september 2024

Affordable accommodations are available at the Riva degli Etruschi Resort for the race weekend!
For more information send an email to: noemi.scarpa@dynamocamp.org

What are the challenges?

Mile (1,850 m)
Double Mile (3,700 m)
400 m sprint

…and open water baptism!

Challenge in the pool for the Dynamo Relay

Hour record in the pool!

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How do you participate?

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