2 Million Kilometers

Valentina, a guest of Camp during the summer of 2019, is from Catania and is now 12 years old.

The Dynamo experience remained in her heart and she was looking forward to being able to return.

In 2020, unable to return to Camp, she wrote us in a letter how she felt 2 million kilometers away from Dynamo.

Of course, Valentina did not know the true meaning of this distance; the only thing she felt was a very strong distance from Camp, from the magical adventures she had experienced there, from the new friends she had met, and from the experience of her first vacation she had lived without her parents. From this postcard/letter came the idea of The 2 MLN KM, to pool everyone’s energy to help Valentina cover this distance by virtually crossing it with her.

Pedal, run, swim, play your favorite sport with us and together with Valentina.
Let’s reach 2 million kilometers of happiness together!